Would You Consider Buying a Really Small Pickup?

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After seeing the Mexican-market VW Saveiro, Ford Courier, and Chevrolet Tornado, we can't help wishing that those of us who live north of the border could buy ourselves some penny-pinching, space-saving, car-chassis-based small pickups.


Focus groups have convinced Detroit that Americans can't stand small pickup trucks, but we're not so sure they're right. What do you think?

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I loved my Mitsubishi Mighty Max pickup with the 2.6L inline-4. For me it was just the right size for hauling my lawnmower to the shop, stuff to the dump or the Goodwill or anything that was greasy or dirty that I really didn't want to put in my car. Probably shouldn't have sold it but at 200,000 miles I was concerned that something expensive would go wrong even though everything still worked fine.

I'd love a chance to buy something like that again but nowadays even the smallest pickups like the Tacoma are too big for me. I'd love to have the choice of a small pickup or a Rampage-like Ute.