Worst Idea For A Formula E Press Photo Ever

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If you thought the engine bay luggage guy was bad, well, here's an electric race car just chillin' in the water.

Won't that short everything out? I know it's the ocean, but I really wouldn't want to go in that water to fish it out, either.


Seeing a beached car stuck in the sand is almost as ineffective as FanBoost for making me want to tune into Formula E. (Almost. Okay, nothing's really that bad.)

Either that or they've stumbled upon the world's most effective gravel trap. "We're going to use much smaller particles and there's going to be water. Get it wrong and we ruin your car!"

Come to think of it, that might be pretty entertaining if it weren't for the imminent death by electrocution factor. Okay, yeah, it's a bad idea.

(Photo via Mark Gallagher.)

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What happens to batteries when they touch salt water? Oh yeah…