World's Smallest Four-Cylinder Engine

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Most likely the world's smallest four-cylinder engine, this tiny aircraft mill is the work of miniaturist George Luhrs, from whose basement workshop has emerged a number of tiny functionals. Not quite new news, the four-cylinder, four cycle ignition engine won first place in the Sherline Machinist's Challenge in 2000. He designed and built it from scratch, taking more than 600 hours to complete it, before being confined to a home for the very, very skilled. More miniature engines here and especially here.[Tech e Blog]


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Huh. It's been up for hours and only 10 comments.

If this was the worlds BIGGEST four cylinder, los jalops would be drooling all over it.

This is kind of like having the worlds slowest computer.

Or the worlds quietest speakers.

Or the worlds least adhesive glue.

Or the worlds most cancerous cigarette.

noteworthy, but not really significant.