We like the BMW Isetta, but we'd never really seen a need for one. Until we saw this guy's 61-inches-across garage. It's so narrow he maneuvers the car door into the house to get out. He needs an Isetta.

It says a lot about the size of your garage when your 58.5-inch wide Fiat Panda barely scrapes into it. The Belgian car-hole allows the subcompact in with a razor-thin 1.25 inches of clearance on either side. The walls are trimmed in wooden shields to protect the car from undue and inevitable scrapes, but the job gets done on skill alone. The problem with parking a car in a garage the width of the car is how you get out. This problem is solved by opening the garage door, opening the door slightly into the space, then backing up to fully open the door. The process is reversed after the man gets out.


We salute you sir, in your maniacal obsession with car protection, but we humbly suggest a BMW Isetta as your next vehicle. It's narrower, first of all, and has an all-important front opening door to make getting out a breeze.

(As an aside, this reminds me of pulling the Continental through a regular width garage door) [Autoblog.gr(translated)]


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