World's Greatest PR Goofs: Mercedes-Benz Fog System

The new S-Class has more technology in it than the Space Shuttle*. So for the introduction of their new flagship, zee Germans decided to show off an impressive demonstration of the radar system, which can actually bring the car to a full stop. It's a great idea, especially in low-visibility conditions like fog. The only problem is, the demonstration went horribly wrong. Like Hindenburg wrong, but without the fiery death. Later, it turns out that Mercedes knew the system didn't work and decided to fake it, but the driver failed to hit the brakes in time. Sounds fishy, but it's a good watch. Here's the video, presented by our favorite Ford GT-owning Brit**, Top Gear's Jeremy Clarkson.

* - technically that might not be true.
** - we don't actually know about any other British Ford GT owners, except maybe Jay Kay and in that case we'll take Clarkson.

Mercedes S-Class TV Crash a Failed Fake, Conspiring Journalist Fired [internal]

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