Well, we knew an accident involving a Tesla Roadster was bound to happen sometime, and now the first crash has taken place in San Francisco on Friday at the corner of Geary and Gough streets at about 6 p.m. PDT. While we'd heard something about a scuff with one of the first "production" units earlier this past month โ€” something about Tesla founding father Martin Eberhard's little two-seater rear-ending the back end of a truck โ€” this certainly does not appear to be the same incident.

Instead this here Tesla appears to have taken so great of a liking to the back end of a Mercedes, it's up and gone right up the German car's rear end. The folks over at Hey apparently have the full story โ€” or as much as they know โ€” as well as a second picture of the incident apparently taken by someone named Alex Volkov. We wish we had more to tell you โ€” if only Tesla PR would return our phone calls โ€” ever. (Hat tip to Andy!) [Hey, Flickr]