What's The Most Historically Important Military Vehicle?

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The history of our world has largely been shaped by war and conflict. As our society has evolved, so too have the chariots of our armies. But which vehicles made a splash in the biggest, most memorable moments we still talk about today?


Tomorrow is Veterans Day in the U.S., where we take the time to thank those who served. It's also where we take a look back at military history. That brings us to our question of the day: What's the most historically important military vehicle?

While leaning a little harder toward "legend" than "documented history," I submit the Trojan Horse as one of the best-recognized vehicles that was ever part of a military effort.


The idea of what was supposedly a giant wooden horse from which soldiers launched a surprise-attack has been with us for a long as almost anything else in our cultural history. The very name has even evolved to describe any "camouflage" under which one might enter a forbidden place.

What other moving military machine has outlived its service interval through story and song?

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