Melbourne police heard reports of a car hooning it up with burnouts and donuts at a supermarket parking lot. When an officer arrives he finds the car wrecked, but it’s cool you guys, the driver is just ‘waiting for his mate.’


Hooning is a crime down in Australia, so the driver stands some reasonable charges for his antics. We found this video on CarScoop and we can’t stop laughing at how chilled-out this guy is.

- What happened, man?

- Pardon?

- What’s going on?

- I’m just waiting for a mate.

- Is that why your car is all smashed up and you’re up on the grass at the moment, or what?

- Yeah…I’m just waiting for a mate. Gone in…gone in there. Why?

- I’m just wondering how, eh, how the collision with your car happened, man.

- What collision?

- Well, the one that’s got your wheels all twisted up and your front bumper bar’s hanging off.

[pause for laughter – ed.]

- Well, I’m just waiting for a mate, as I said.

- Who’s your mate?

- Eh?