World’s Baddest 9-Year-Old Leads Police On 80 MPH Chase

It took stop sticks to bring a rampaging 9-year-old to a halt on Saturday night after he got mad at his parents and stole their car after they made him quit playing for the evening.

The car careened into a ravine when police blew out his tires, officers then found the 9-year-old bad boy hiding in the rear seat. Police initially thought the boy might be a drunk driver as he was accelerating and decelerating rapidly and weaving across the road.

"This young man, I guess, was upset because his mom and dad told him that it was time to come in late last night, around 8 p.m. He was upset because they told him that he had to come in and quit playing, so he was mad and took off," said Greenfield, Indiana Police Major Derek Towle. [via Channel 3000]


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