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We've been trying to avoid turning this series into one big Detroit V8-fest, but it's something of a challenge to accomplish that feat when you start running down the list of reliable pushrod V8s that have come out of the Motör City since the late 1940s. Today we shall be honoring the Pontiac V8, which was made from 1955 to 1981, in displacements ranging from 287 to 455 cubes. There was just the one Pontiac block (no "big block" or "small block" nonsense), which means dropping that Super Duty 421 into your '78 Bonneville is pretty much a bolt-in (and highly recommended). They powered everything from the GTO to Junkman's Deutsche-Bonnet and the the 350 and 400 versions are still pretty easy to find in the junkyard today. [Wikipedia]


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