This is not a widebody, superpowered monster of a car.

It's a little 1976 Renault 5 tuned by their semi-independent racing and performance arm Alpine.

Even with stiffer torsion beam suspension, new alloy wheels, five-speed gearbox, and a 1.4 liter engine, this thing was still a few hundred pounds shy of the 2,000lb mark.


And it produced double the horsepower of the standard Renault 5! This hemi-head crossflow four put out 92 horsepower, which would be absolutely hilarious.

There's a place in my heart for rally-style beasts like the Renault 5 Turbos or Lancia Delta Integrales or whatever else, but I take one look at this nimble, narrow Alpine and want it desperately.


Photo Credits: Renault