Woody Allen Does Jags

We've discussed Woody Allen's barely repressed car preoccupation before, and his latest flick, "Cassandra's Dream"—which goes into national release tomorrow—only proves that Allen Stewart Konigsburg is a closet greasemonkey.

In the past, it's been Porsches and Volvos (and one memorable reference to a spider the "size of a Buick"). Now that he's switched locations from Gotham to London, of course, he's slipping into vintage Jags: an XK and a luscious E-Type, both convertibles (the trailer with French subtitles shows more of the classic rides). Colin Farrell is the dumb brother who works in the garage, while Ewan McGregor is the wannabe-posh brother who "plays a big shot in borrowed cars." They both have dreams. It gets ugly. But the Jags look great.


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