Illustration for article titled Woman Survives Crash That Sent All These Poles Through Her Windshield

When a couple driving an old GM station wagon towing a trailer full of 27-foot-long teepee poles slowed for a truck, the woman driving behind them crashed into the trailer, impaling her Toyota Camry on the poles.


It is one of the scariest accidents we've ever seen and it's amazing no one was killed.

Miraculously, the woman survived, although she was transported to a hospital in nearby Bellingham, Wash. for non-life threatening injuries. The car was skewered from stem to stern, with the poles coming in through the windshield and sticking a couple of feet out the rear window. Its rear view mirror was stuck on the end of the bundle of poles.


The station wagon's driver told police he was only traveling about 25 mph when the crash happened. But it isn't clear how fast the woman who hit the poles was going, or whether she reacted and hit the brakes when she saw what was happening.

The only other car we've seen survive a similar incident was the 2x4 through windshield woman.

Photo credit: Washington State Patrol

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