Woman In Traffic Stop Caught Smuggling Drugs In Her Vagina

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Aside from being home to Disney and Sea Worlds, Florida seems to be the breeding ground for many wild occurrences, the most recent of which involved a woman caught smuggling pills in her vagina.

Jackie Lauren Spillar was the passenger in a Honda stopped by Niceville, Fla. police for speeding on State Road 85. The car's male driver was driving on an expired license, and when police asked them if there was anything shady in the car, police said Spillar cried and told them there was marijuana under her seat. They found the marijuana, along with 78 amphetamine pills and an assortment of opiate painkillers.


It wasn't until she and the driver had been taken into custody and transported to jail that Spillar spilled the beans about what she had hidden in her secret spot. She had seven oxycodone pills in there, wrapped in a plastic BC powder packet. She removed them and gave them to the police.

Good thing the bag didn't break. (Hat tip to McMike!)

Photo credit: Niceville Police Department/Wikimedia Commons