After her turn signal and windshield wipers stopped working, Hope Wideup popped the hood of her car. Under the hood, she found chipmunks had stuffed her engine bay to the brim with walnuts.

According to Ms. Wideup, the trouble probably started when a chipmunk swiped one of her gardening gloves, she let the rodent get away but later found the glove in the car's engine compartment. She speculates Alvin set up shop in her car and started packing away the walnuts for winter. The dead wipers and bad turn signal didn't cause Hope concern but when she went to start the car and it raced wildly up to the rev limiter she opened the hood to find the mess the critter had left behind. There was a walnut stashed in such a way as to cause the throttle to remain wide open. $242 worth of towing and walnut removal fees later the car is back on the road and the chipmunk is nowhere to be found. Perhaps we should add "check for rodent caches of nuts" to our list of ways to winterize your car. [Post-Trib]