Witnesses Say Gumball Lambos Cause Trailer Crash On I-5, Video Seems To Show Otherwise

Is the mere sight of a bunch of Italian supercars sufficient to turn a once-orderly California freeway into a maelstrom of destruction? That was the SigAlert report on a jackknifed SUV/trailer combo on I-5 in Orange County yesterday. However, the video above taken from the in-car dash-cam of one of the Gumballers may prove otherwise. (Hat tip to Alex!) [Team Polizei]


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Jeff Glucker

HA... this is what was causing the rubbernecking and delayed my return home from ol' mexico yesterday...

I was going north on the 5 when I passed this trailer, and then 30 seconds later I saw an Enzo... didn't think anything of it, as I have seen one or two before out on the road... I just figured a high-end car show had hit the road.