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Wither the Coupe?: The Fall and (Maybe) Rise of an Icon

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Yoostabee that every household had a station wagon for mom and a sport coupe for dad. TV reflected this trend: "The Brady Bunch" was all Mopar, with a 'Cuda or Challenger for Mike and a Polara/Coronet for Carol, while "Bewitched" saw the USA in their Chevrolets — a Camaro for Darin, a Bel Air/Chevelle for Samantha (and a Stingray for Larry Tate). These days, it's easier to find a a Nazareth song playing on the radio than a full-sized two-door. Still, with Ford's new Mustang making a splash, and enthusiasts waiting in blind bluffs for a new Dodge Challenger and Chevrolet Camaro to emerge, it may be a good time to remember what led to the coupe's demise, what replaced it and what may bring it back. For such a saga, we turn to Bob Elton writing for The Truth About Cars.


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