The Smart has been making a considerable splash since its conception way back when. Still, if you hope to travel as anything other than a solitary male or female, the occupancy of this vehicle needs to be taken into consideration before deciding to purchase. Luckily, the folks at Wired put together a nice chart to determine whether or not you're fit for a Smart.

Simply add up the items that apply to you. If your total is less than 15, a Smart car ought to work fine:

Spouse = 6

  • Child over 12 = 2
  • Child under 12 = 12
  • Small dog = 2
  • Large dog = 4
  • Cat = 0.5
  • Costco membership = 9

While it would seem like that measurement if fairly accurate, we the people of Jalopnik would beg to differ. [Autopia]