Wing Suits VS Skydivers VS Stunt Plane VS Helicopter

The “Red Bull Air Force” is a real thing. Specifically; a team of lunatic aerial stunt athletes with an unlimited budget. Want to watch them try and outdo each other?

Here in “Chain Reaction,” we get to see a stunt pilot in a fixed-wing airplane, a helicopter, BASE jumpers, people in wingsuits and skydivers mix it up as a group over the craggy rock faces of Moab, Utah’s Fisher Towers.

Down on the ground, Rhys Millen is driving around in an Audi RS7 for some reason.


It’s pretty, it’s exciting, but you probably guessed that from the thumbnail. I’ll just say this; it’s worth going full-screen for.

There’s a “making-of” too if you need more entertainment for the rest of your lunch break:

I’m not sure Red Bull even remembers they’re supposed to be hocking energy drinks any more. But as far as producing entertaining sports videos, their game has never been stronger.

Hat tip to Nick!

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Pretty awesome. Too bad their heli guy didn’t get to show off.