Wing Bowl edition

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Every year, on the Friday before the Super Bowl, the cardinals of chicken wing eating gather for the Wing Bowl; this year's winner was defending champion Jon "Super" Squibb of Berlin, N.J., who downed 255 chicken wings in 30 minutes to claim $20,000 and a new Dodge Ram. I'm not sure $20,000 would be enough to sit with Super Squibb after a Wing Bowl in any enclosed vehicle without a hazmat suit. Speaking of queasy feelings around trucks, cesariojpn managed to produce a similar feeling with his efforts at crafting graphics for the Nissan NV:

Illustration for article titled Wing Bowl edition

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Congratulations, Mr. cesariojpn, on COTD today! You don't have to eat chicken wings for a Dodge Ram. This lovely lady will bring you a Ram next week. Good job, Sir!