Will This Be The Next GT-R Spec V?

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The new Nissan GT-R has barely been out long enough for idiots to start crashing them, and people are already thinking about the first R35 GT-R Spec V. Previously, we brought you possible GT-R Spec V pics and now we think we know where some of them are coming from. The folks at Best Car are rendering for their readers what they hope Nissan will render unto them. Besides the carbon fiber goodies, the car should get a revised suspension, less weight and tweaks to the AWD system.

Best Car is guessing that the new Spec V could drop as much as 220 pounds. Horsepower is also expected to increase by as much as 40, bringing the total to a whopping 512hp. This is all just guessing at this point, but we wouldn't be surprised. [Best Car via Japanese Performance Car News]