Will The Nissan GT-R Blend?

The widely popular and oftentime misunderstood webshow, Will It Blend?, tests the world's most powerful blender against the claimed "world's fastest production car," the Nissan GT-R. So, will it blend?

Godzilla could out run the Porsche 911 Turbo on it's home turf, but can it outwit the world's most powerful blender or will it be outgunned and finally laid to rest by the BlendTec Total Blender? Watch and find out.

[via YouTube]

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At least blend a die-cast model of the GT-R in the blender.

I can't believe he repeated the bogus claim of the "world's fastest production car." That title belongs to the SSC Ultimate Aero, followed by the Veyron, followed by the Koenigsegg, etc.