Will The Mazda2 Be The Ford2?

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As we've said before, FoMoCo's all about needing a subcompact to compete with the hordes of Yaris, Fit and Aveos hitting the shores of this great nation of ours to service those looking for the small, affordable and not-at-all-fast. The current schedule for the b-segment micro-car, as you read first here, is a 2010 model year set to be released in calendar year 2009. It looks as though to either meet or exceed that deadline the Dearborn-based automaker's going to need to call in some help from the Japanese side of the globe-spanning silo-structured corporation. According to a webcast broadcast yesterday to Ford employees, the mane man for Ford NorAm, Mark "Movie Star" Fields, revealed that the subcompact will be based on the new Mazda2 that'll be revealed in Geneva over this next week. Hmm, didn't we speculate something like that a little while back? Why yes, I think we did. Gallery of the Ford2 Mazda2 below.


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