Will The 2009 Ford Mustang Go To Mach 1... Or Just Be The Boss?

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According to the ever-evolving pony car watchers at MustangEvolution.com, fans of the muscular Mustang are trying to figure out what Ford will offer up to keep their promise of a special ed(ition) Mustang each year until the next re-design. As we're not expecting to see the new 'stang any time before 2010, our guess and theirs is we'll be seeing...

...yet another SE from Dearborn next year for the '09 model year. Apparently the chatter is we'll potentially be seeing a Diamond-flavored special 'stang — specifically, a Mach 1 Mustang. Even more specific might be a Bond Mustang Mach 1 modeled after the "Diamonds Are Forever" Mustang. Another guess is a Boss 'stang, but the folks at ME seem pretty hard up on the D.A.F. Mach 1. We guess we'll just have to wait and see. [via Mustang Evolution]