Will.I.Am Launches Crappy Car Company

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Black Eyed Peas leader Will.I.Am apparently went on The Tonight Show last night and launched a new car company he's calling IAMAUTO. This is apparently the first horrible product of that new venture. UPDATE: Or is this a custom DeLorean?


I didn't watch Leno last night, so all of this is coming via one online report attached to this picture. I'd like to think it's a hoax but it's so bad it seems like it could credibly be a BEP byproduct.

The vehicle will be built using "OEM parts from Chrysler" with a Beats by Dr. Dre audio system. Given he drives a Chrysler 300 in his new video it's likely this is the basis for the car. Lord help us if it's a Chrysler 200.

Will.I.Am hopes to create jobs in his East Los Angeles neighborhood with this new exotic coach company, which is a noble enough venture, but he's turning his back on the business model that's made him famous and successful.

Rather than starting with a mediocre product that gets progressively more horrible as time goes on, Will.I.Am. is skipping straight to the horrible

UPDATE: Here's video of the announcement. It's possible the car pictured above could be the Custom Will.I.Am DeLorean DMC-12 built by West Coast Customs, although WIll.I.Am is claiming it's Chrysler-based.



He must be funding this entirely himself, because any investor that would have seen the monstrosities he paid West Coast Customs to build would run screaming in the other direction.

It's bad enough people think what you "make" is "music", how about you avoid having that same affect on cars.

Besides, West Coast Customs would hate the competition in the race to the bottom.