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How much does it suck to be a visionary in a world of cataracts cases? Just ask Nicolaus Copernicus or William Shatner's vocal coach or BusinessWeek's David Kiley. All were mocked for their radical views and all have, in descending order, been vindicated by history. In the weeks before the GM, Renault, Nissan, Wagoner, Kerkorian, Ghosn, et. al story broke, we chided Kiley for riffing off a Forbes interview with Carlos Ghosn and suggesting Ford Motor could become a third wheel in the Renault-Nissan twosome. "Wild-Ass Speculation," we said; he's run "screaming into the fortune-tellers tent," we said. In light of current events, Kiley turned out to have been a singular voice in the wilderness, a beacon in the mist, a lone pizza arriving on a night of drinking and self-doubt. Yeah, he's got enough wiggle room here to warrant at least an acknowledgement on our part. "Dude, you totally look like Nostradamus." How's that?

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