Wife of New Daimler Boss in Booze Scandal

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Man, we totally feel for Gisela Zetsche, wife of former Chrysler boss (and new DaimlerChrysler boss), Dieter. Cultural differences can be so hard on European ex-pats cooling their size eights in the American Midwest. According to reports, Ms. Zetsche sponsored several parties for her son's classmates (from the exclusive Detroit Country Day School) at her home, either unaware that the US's beer-drinking age isn't 16 like it is in Germany, or defiant of the puritanical kabosh we put on getting tenth-graders drunk as skunks. Now, just as her husband will be trodding the boards at the Frankfurt motor show, introducing the company's M63 AMG, Ms. Zetsche will be attending a hearing hosted by the 48th District Court in Bloomfield Township. Evening wear and PBR in a can, discouraged. [Thanks to Rishi for the tip.]


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