Wiesmann GT: Hot or Not?

We're taking a break from our normally scheduled programming to tackle a more burning issue: Is the Wiesmann GT sexy? Or a badly cribbed Frankenstein? Or, a sexy Frankenstein? The more we look, the more we have no idea. In no particular order, the BMW-powered two door looks like a Jaguar S-Type, A Morgan Aero 8, a late 90s TVR, an M Coupe, an Alfa 8C Competizione and a Bugatti Type 57 "Imaginaire." Oh, and the headlights come straight from an after market WRX tuner. None of which are a bad thing (except for the S-Type), but does all the design pilfering make the diminutive German GT a redheaded step child? Or Padma Lakshmi? Mmmmm, Padma Lakshmi... You know, since talking about the appreciation of beauty and all, we're going to employ the system Hustler uses for rating "film."


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