Wienerschmoker E30 Gets Shiny Side Down, Brings Arse Freeze Rollover Total To Three

Tying the old LeMons record from last year's Thunderhill event, three cars flipped over at the '09 Arse Freeze-A-Palooza. In every case the driver suffered zero injuries, which should serve as a counter-argument to those whining about "overkill" rollcage specifications.

Everything was going just fine for Der Wienerschmoker II, Electric Boogaloo (which somehow managed to get an M3 engine past the LeMons Supreme Court), but it turns out that more power doesn't necessarily result in a better race car. We're not quite sure what happened out there, but the result was one very bent-up E30. Note all the Bart Simpson Penalty writing under that Thunderhill dirt on the bodywork; perhaps we should have been harsher on the Wienerschmokers in the Penalty Box!


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