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So what if a second grader can't buy a car — Toyota can still market to them! They've inked a deal with to market their entry-level Scion brand, one of the web's newest pedophilia peddler kiddie porn children's online interactive communities. The site's tweeny-bopper 8- to 15-year-old demographic may seem a bit young for this type of marketing, especially considering they can't drive. Toyota thinks they're just perfect for them — they can build brand loyalty for later in life and they can influence their parents buying habits. Here's the stats on the marketing deal as of one week into the campaign:

• Kids have now used the word "Scion" in their online chats 78,000 times.
• Hundreds of virtual Scions have been bought by users using "clams" the fake currency of Whyville.
• "Club Scion," the community meeting spot's been visited over 33,000 times.
• Kids have dropped the back seat of their virtual xBs for pre-teen cyber sex 243,127 times.


Ok, so the last one's not a real number — but you totally know that one's coming.

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