We're all for seizing the day, but sometimes it pays to take your time. Like when you're putting a turbo on your Chevy Cavalier, and decide that plastic plumbing from Home Depot will git-'er-done. This 'er is remarkably undone.

Flagged from the wilds of the LSX1 forum, the original poster swears that after providing a friend with detailed advice and counsel of how to properly bolt in a turbo, his associate decided to complete the task in a single night with parts at hand. Now that his GM iron-block four-pot has turbo powerz, the owner is apparently enjoying 8 psi of boost frequently, since this car is his daily driver.

Here's an assignment for any vo-tech mechanic's clases: "What's wrong with this picture?" Sure, there's the easy PVC pipe and rubber clamp. Spot the melting alternator wires? Wastegate popping through the hood? It's a party all up in there.

At last update, the setup was still intact, although the PVC had begun to melt and was in danger of being replaced with aluminum. I hear Lowe's may be running a special on dryer ducts.


Thanks to Robert!