Why The Ford Mustang Is Basically A Time-Traveling Crime Stopper

This is the week for the 2015 Ford Mustang, as we've reminded you with a helpful guide of everything to expect on the new Mustang. But how much like the original Mustang is the new one going to be?


It's probably going to be more in spirit than anything else. But that's like a lot of things that have lasted for 50 years. Including some fictional characters from long-running TV shows, for example.

Spiegel The "Poet" found a good comparison for what the Mustang really is:

This is America's version of Dr. Who.

Well, it kind of is. I guess you could say the Mustang transcends through time unlike most cars. So where do its rivals stand?

Arch Duke Maxyenko, Great Job:

And the Camaro is the Dalek?


But what's that make the Challenger?

Stephen Krogmeier:

Cybermen. Slower than the competition, stylistically unique but still somehow terrifying/attractive. Also heavy, almost forgot about heavy.


Well done, everyone. Now, if we're expanding this to other sporty, inexpensive coupes, where does the Hyundai Genesis Coupe stand?

Photo: Ford

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