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Why Sub-Zero Weather, Water Main Breaks And Street Parking Don't Mix

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This image was lost some time after publication.

We're gearing up here in Detroit for a pretty big winter storm. According to our boy in second city, Matt Hardigree (more on him later), they've already gotten "a lot [of snow], and it's blowing around." The Matt-man and I are both counting our blessings that it's only snow and not record-breaking cold. If it had been, at least one of us could have ended up like this poor sap in Columbus, Ohio who saw his purple Honda frozen to the street due to a double-tap of trouble — a parking next to a water main break and sub-zero temperatures. Although really, he's getting it lucky — 'round these parts if a man's parking a purple Honda in the wrong place, it won't get covered — it'll get filled — with water. Nothing like water, ice and pressure damage all at once. Check out the gallery below — we're going to go batten down the hatches or something.


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Funny how that snow/ice mixture under the car doesn't even look that natural.

I've seen some men wearing pink shirts now-a-days. People have said pink is in for men, it's a good color, etc.

Maybe purple is the new pink for cars and we on Jalopnik are behind the times?