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Alaskan oil outfit ASRC Energy Services uses Chevy trucks on job sites, which are not conveniently located near any dealerships. So we get to see how these guys stuff a Colorado into the back of a smallish airplane! Spoiler alert: “very carefully.”

Shipping this truck to Wherever, Alaska was obviously a logistical pain in the ass but at least Chevy’s fleet sales department was savvy enough to turn it into a marketing opportunity.


The truck was fitted with smaller wheels to squeeze this flying bus, and apparently only cleared by half an inch.

Who else can sell you a pickup that fits in a Shorts 330 Sherpa, huh? Sure, Toyota or Nissan, but we did discover that the Colorado’s a smoother-riding rig than those dinosaurs.


Maybe I just love watching other people toil while I sit here and sip coffee, but I really enjoyed this little demonstration. Reminds me of when I used to cram a bunch of DJ gear in mom’s minivan to go rock some high school’s cafeteria.

Logistics can be sexy guys, come on.


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