Why Race Other Cars When You Could Spend $194,000 To Bring Glory To The Name Of Supra?

Photo Credits: Toyota

This is not a dealer markup. This is the Toyota Supra GT4 race car, yours for 175,000€ (about $194,000 USD) before taxes. It is the absolute business.


Let me begin by saying that this is the car you buy if you want to race in a specific class of sports car racing, the GT4 class (one down from GT3, duh) which is good for various kinds of sprint races the world over, U.S. included.

The big specs for us nerds are that it’s up on power and torque, down on weight, even with a full cage. Lemme see if this will copy-paste:

Illustration: Toyota

Alright, that sort of worked. Remember that the road car makes 335 horsepower and has to push around 3,400 pounds.


Now, lots of cars are eligible for GT4 racing, including Mustangs and Porsches and that sort of thing. Yes, you could buy those. But why would you buy those when instead you could bring glory to the name of Supra, claiming victory in its honor?

Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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