Why Lexus TX Is A Terrible Name For Their Three-Row Crossover

RC, RX, GX, GS, IS, LS. It's not that Lexus' naming scheme makes a ton of sense, so why not search for another name so one of their cars doesn't have to be named the Lexus Texas. Although maybe this is in honor of Toyota's new home in Texas. But still...

Anyway, Lexus TX-whatever. We set the ball rolling, but it looks like there are plenty of jokes to be made.


Kate's Dirty Sister:

I would totally get dirty with A lexus Texas


I see what you did there. No need to search for a spokeswoman either.

Kate's Dirty Sister:

The double-entendre potential is endless.

There's room for seven in a lexus texas


I think I've seen that video.

Now that TX is ruined, it looks like Lexus is going to have to get with BMW and make up new letters of the alphabet for their car names.


Photo: Lexus

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