Why Is Jaguar Chief Designer Ian Callum Laughing Like A Madman?

We know that Ian Callum is one of the most respected, successful car designers of our time. When we find him cackling in front of a Jaguar F-Type at the LA Auto Show yesterday, though, it's our responsibility to find out what's so funny .


We just imagine Ian embodying the spirit of a lovable person that defines the Jaguar buyer stereotype. The kind of person who is a pure gentleman but occasionally tells jokes that are so off-color even we can't print them.

Then again, maybe Ian's just happy that he doesn't have to work on designing the F-Type anymore. If everyone compared your new design to the E-Type, you'd be happy to be done with the thing.

What do you think Ian is laughing about? Here's the base image we're working with. Leave your best caption/Photoshop in Kinja below.

Photo Credit: Brian Williams

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