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Why Is GM Hiding Its Old Logo?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The "new" General Motors gets listed on the New York Stock Exchange in just 30 minutes. For now, watch GM get it's name plastered on the outside of the NYSE. By the way, where's the "old" big blue logo?

GM's IPO will be the biggest U.S. IPO ever — and may be the largest global IPO ever.


This morning at 9:30 AM EST, when GM rings the opening bell, instead of the sound of a bell we're told we'll hear the revving of a Camaro engine instead of, you know, a bell. Frankly, we're just happy it'll be engine noise at all — and not the deadly silence of a plug-in hybrid or an electronic "pedestrian warning" tweet.

But out biggest question this morning is where the old "GM" logo went from the outside of the NYSE. Heck, it's even missing from GM's front page. Poor branding? Or something more? Likely nothing more than another way for GM to look "new." We guess we'll find out at today's 10:00 AM EST conference call, half an hour after GM revvs the opening engine.


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