Formula E Will Liven Up Los Angeles With Some Electric Racing

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Outgoing Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa of Los Angeles announced this week that the Formula E all-electric open wheel race series will be making a stop in the heart of his city.


"These cars are not your grandma's Priuses," Villaraigosa told the Los Angeles Times.

For those who don't know, Formula E (do we call it FE?) cars (like the one pictured above in Rome) are much like those racing around circuits around the world in the lower tiers of FIA-sanctioned open wheel racing. The only difference is these cars are powered by electric motors provided by McLaren and the cars probably run out of juice a lot faster than they're supposed to.

The Formula E race series itself, which is owned by a private company called Formula E Holdings and sanctioned by the FIA, will jaunt around to ten countries across the globe starting in 2014. Formula E also claims that the race will not cost the host cities a dime and that it will cover the tab for all of the events.

Whatever your feelings are on road racing, a street course in the middle of downtown LA is sure to make for a fantastic spectacle. Sure, as you can see in the video below, the cars sound like the cross between a golf cart and a pencil sharpener, but the racing should still be good.

And hey, the whine of an electric motor won't sound any worse than the real deal.


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Fred Smith

why in the world would they race on their own in downtown LA instead of joining up with Long Beach, which is literally 20 minutes away (I drove straight from the track to my sister's apartment last weekend, I should know!), has a built-in crowd about 5 times bigger than this event could ever get, is already world famous and has a great layout?