Why Do Hummer Drivers Keep Crashing Into Icy Lakes?

Last month, a Washington State Fish and Wildlife Police Sergeant found a stolen Hummer H2 abandoned in a lake, having broken through six inches of solid ice. Just like some intrepid Hungarians, American robbers can't stop sinking H2s.


This story has an extra helping of terrible compared to those Hungarian Hummers, or those of the ice planet Hoth. When the wildlife police ran the tags on this abandoned Hummer, they found out that the owner's home was empty and it had been robbed while the family was away on the long weekend.

The local police secured the property to deter further theft, but there wasn't much to be done for the partially submerged Hummer. This is why we never go on vacation.

(Hat Tip to: Karl!)


Photo Credit: Washington State Fish and Wildlife Police

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