Remember the Chinese barber who built a front-engined Lamborghini Aventador replica out of a car Americans know as the Infiniti I30? Cops confiscated it. Apparently it didn't look like the "Nissan Cefiero" listed on its papers.

The $14,000 lookalike was recently caught on digicam as it sat in a police impound yard. Before the barber of Saint'Agata gets his car back, he'll have to pay a 500 yuan fine for driving without license plates and additional fines for driving a car that looks unlike the car it actually is. (Defining what is is, is apparently less murky in China than in the US.)

Of course, with its car culture in a formative stage, Chinese lawmakers will soon have to deal with the registration of custom cars. That is, if it wants to grow its own version of Japan's Bosozoku style cars.