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Why Buy The Berenstain Bears When You Could Buy The Jalopnik eBook?

Illustration for article titled Why Buy iThe Berenstain Bears/i When You Could Buy The Jalopnik eBook?

There are some great Berenstain Bears books out there, but The Berenstain Bears And The Excuse Note was clearly just phoned in. Why buy that when you could have Jalopnik’s Book of Car Facts And History Even Gearheads Don’t Know for the same price. It just makes sense.


Listen to this crap:

As far as Sister Bear is concerned, there’s a whole lot to like about school—her classmates, her teacher, and even the schoolwork. If it weren’t for gym class, things would be perfect. All those jumping jacks and deep knee bends make Sister hot, sweaty, and sore. But when a slight twist of fate gives her the chance to sit on the sidelines, will Sister stretch the truth instead of her arms?


Imma let you finish, but every Berenstainophile knows The Berenstain Bears and the Green-Eyed Monster is the greatest of all time. ALL TIME.

Anyway, for $4.49 (save $0.50) you can get our book. What’s your excuse not to?

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AHEM. It’s Berenstain.

Also, possibly proof of alternate universes!