Chaos Ensues After Trucker Loses 38,000 Pounds Of Marbles On Highway

Photo: Indiana State Police, Twitter
Photo: Indiana State Police, Twitter

What can I say here? The jokes write themselves. A truck driver lost his marbles Saturday on an Indiana highway, before losing a trailer that went over an embankment and spilled the cargo across the shoulder and median. The upshot? The driver’s fine, and we’re literally talking about marbles. Thirty-eight thousand pounds of them.

Indiana state police told a local Fox affiliate that the crash forced one lane of I-465 to be closed for most of Saturday, but no injuries were reported. That gave the state police spokesperson an opening to drop jokes like it’s open mic night at the local bar, including a vibrant set of emojis to highlight the lack of injuries.


Good tweet, sergeant.

Anyway, the marble spill left me wondering: In the future, if this happens to a driver who’s overseeing an autonomous truck, who’s responsible? Can he pass the buck to the vehicle? How will the lobbyists for the robot trucks handle this sort of thing? I have questions ...

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Why and where is there a need for 38,000 pounds of marbles?

Is some evil villian stockpiling marbles in hopes of making all of the world’s leaders simultaneously slip and fall on strategically placed piles of marbles and than taking over the world?