Once again, law enforcement has come to you wise readers to see if you can help in identifying a vehicle used in a robbery in Arlington, VA. In this case, it's pretty clear it's a BMW 3-series coupe, but any help in narrowing down trim/wheels/year is greatly appreciated.

Here's what we got:

I am a detective with the Arlington County Police Department in Arlington, VA. In May of this year one of our restaurants was burglarized. The offenders entered by force and then opened a metal ATM using hand power tools. I reviewed video from a nearby restaurant and identified a suspect vehicle at the location prior to and after the burglary.

My department recently posted a news bulletin and I received an email from a resident who read it. He mentioned your website and that you and your members had assisted police in the past with identifying vehicles. He suggested I contact your website for help in identifying the make/model of the car in the video. I am sending you this email in hopes you or your members can assist. I have attached images taken from the video.

Any specific thoughts?