Paul Newman racing his 300ZX at Road Atlanta
Paul Newman racing his 300ZX at Road Atlanta
Image: Youtube
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Racing is flashy. It’s expensive. You’ve gotta have resources to do it. But most importantly, racing is cool. Paul Newman was cool and Paul Newman raced. Correlation or Causation? I’ll let you decide.

You might want to leave the racing to professionals and keep the “civilians” safe in the stands, but I think it’s great when personalities we know from elsewhere find success on the track, or at least just have fun. More of them have been at it than you might think. Gene Hackman raced at Daytona, Eric Bana loves his XB Falcon race car, Walter Cronkite was actually a bit of a success in his Lancia Appia Zagato at Sebring and plenty of others have had their hand at racing too.


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Max Finkel is a Weekend Contributor at Jalopnik.

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