Who's To Blame For Detroit's Nightmare, really?

We've had all sorts of carefully reasoned discussions on the reasons that Ford, GM, and Chrysler are in such trouble, but who needs reason or logic? You know who's to blame!

Maybe it's the ineptitude of the clowns running the Big Three… or those goddamn unions that clearly take their marching orders straight from the Sendero Luminoso… no, wait, it's the shareholders' obsession with short-term profits, to hell with the future… bullshit, it's the generally exploitative nature of laissez-faire capitalism… no, no, it's those double-dealin' Saudis and their gas-price-jacking antics… well, you get the idea, and here's your chance to prove to all those losers who can't see what's right in front of their noses! The answer is real simple! Feel free to rant, rave, bluster, treat edge-case conspiracy theories as fact, fire off inappropriately ad hominem salvos, invoke Godwin's Law, whatever it takes. Just don't mix up you're with your and everything will be fine.


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