Whoa, Check Out The Sweet Doors On Henrik Fisker's New Car

Image credit: Twitter
Image credit: Twitter

Henrik Fisker, from whose pen flowed the beautiful lines of the Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage, the BMW Z8 and the Fisker Karma (RIP sorta), announced earlier this month that he would start up a new electric car company. Today, he took to Twitter and showed us this sleek profile of a car with up-swingy doors.

Gosh, that’s pretty.

In our topshot, we lightened up the image a bit, but most of the car is still hidden in shadow, so it’s hard to see exactly what it looks like. But those doors! It looks like a sedan with butterfly doors.


I particularly like how the roofline ends in that little upward flick of a tail. Wait for next week, indeed.

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...this sleek profile of a car with up-swingy doors.

This site is getting waaay too technical for me ;)