Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters (and the ECTO-1)

We were incredulous to find in our long an illustrious history, there has been nary a whisper of the Ghostbuster's iconic ambulance turned phantasm fighting mega wagon, the Ecto-1. Considering that, what better opportunity to feature it than on Maximum Wagon Day? Yes, running around the house as a kid pretending to be "going on calls" and mimicking the siren of the Ecto-1 may not have gone over well, but it sure was fun, and evidence of early onset car nerd. The original car is currently up for sale over at Hemmings for a cool $150 grand but that's a small price to pay to get everybody who ever sees asking "Who called you - the Ghostbusters?"



So are technically hearses and ambulance conversions of 2/4 sedans wagons?

And no garage or apparatus bay is complete without one of these: