We've seen some excellent examples of the Vehicular Idiocy Captured On Film genre this year, and now it's time for us to vote on which hoon wins the coveted Jalopnik Hoon of the Year award. Jump like a Suzuki Sidekick- wait, we mean like a Chevy Sprint- and vote early and often for the hoonliest hoon of 2007! Warning: many of these videos feature language that your uptight coworkers might consider NSFW.

Sprint Jumping

Eldorado Versus Camper

Swedish Escort Service

Two-Wheeling, Qatar Style

Gnarly Gnorwegian Volvitude

Suzuki Sidekick Hang Time

Who Will Survive The Indian Well of Death?

Aussie Cop Car Hooned

Always Go All The Way With Your Smoky Burnouts

Snow King: WRXs On Ice

Bad Weld Job Gives Us Flashbacks To Donked On The Strip

Sand Dune V8 Madness

Minivan Versus Trailer

Dude, What's The Side Impact Rating On Your Truck?

Skoda Jump

Tercel's Death of a Thousand Cuts

Cah Jumping In Massachusetts

ZAZ Meets Tree

Uff Da! Minnesota Workplace Hoonage

OK, you've seen the hoonage- now let us know which one gets the dubious honor of wearing the 2007 Hoon of the Year crown!