Who Thought Having These People Flip A Saab In An Ad Was A Good Idea?

I've seen this 20-year-old ad for the Saab 900 about a hundred times. I still don't know who thought, "Never mind the pieces that fell off the car, let's put this on TV."

As you'll notice in this ad called "Scrutiny," five people walk up to an "Unaltered Saab 900" and flip it over twice. It's supposed to prove how stiff this car was for 1994, as a testament to quality.


But is anyone else bothered by the fact the rear end seems to have collapsed and there are random pieces of car all over the ground? None of that says "durable car" to me.

I'm also curious as to how strong these actors were and surprised/glad five people didn't walk by my Saab 900 and flip it over. Maybe there's something here for Smart to revive.

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